Where do budding writers share their writing? At the blog ‘Writing by kids at Kapiti Primary School’.

This Geordie teacher runs a writing group for students from years five to six. We meet every fortnight to allow students to upload their writing to the blog. There are no fixed topics to write about, students can write about anything. However, they are expected to ‘capture their audience’ by making their writing interesting.

Here’s one of the most recent pieces written by Nathan, a year six student:

Wai ora

Wet wonderful wildlife swimming

Around the murky pond while

The water tiptoes around the

Eels and bugs and the water

Runs down the rocky waterfall.

This piece of writing was inspired by a class visit to the Nga Manu Nature Reserve in Waikanae as part of a funded project called Wai ora ki Tonga (Water Life in the South).


3 responses »

  1. This is delightful and makes a fine word picture. The middle line is beautiful!


  2. Alexander.C says:

    i wanted mine to be up there


  3. tessawhiteman says:

    I enjoyed reading Nathan’s WATER poem. Thank you Nathan!


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