crossfit in the classroom

Keeping fit with crossfit

The 2012/13 New Zealand Health Survey found that:

  • 1 in 9 children (aged 2–14 years) were obese (11%) and
  • a further 1 in 5 children were overweight (22%)

I don’t want the children in my classroom to be a part of these statistics.

In this Geordie’s classroom we regularly participate in fitness activities and have embraced the concept of crossfit. We have five different exercises for each session. In today’s session the exercises we completed were:

  • squat ball thrusts
  • running
  • press ups
  • crunch sit ups
  • hoola hoop

The students exercise using interval training principles. They work for 35 seconds, rest for 55 seconds and they do this for twenty rounds. The time to complete this crossfit session was 30 minutes. I use a super, easy to use phone app called HIIT interval training timer to keep a track of the time. What do students think of their crossfit sessions? “It’s fun”, “It keeps me fit”, “It gives me energy.” So energise your students, keep them fit, get them crossfit!


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  1. As we all know, exercise is great for the body and for the brain – even in small chunks. Helping kids understand the benefits of exercise is an excellent lesson for life.


  2. karmyn says:

    i remember the cross fit we had to do


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