BasicFactsWhy is there a need for kids to know maths basic facts with their easy access to technology? Do kids really need to rote learn their basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts?  Isn’t this just ‘old school’?

I believe there’s a need for speed when it comes to students knowing their number basic facts. It’s a foundation skill, forming the building blocks for higher-level maths concepts. It’s really no different than the importance of kids learning their ABCs or learning to read.

In this Geordie’s classroom the kids use a basic facts programme I developed. The goal is for kids to master the ability to recall the basic facts in all four operations accurately, quickly and effortlessly. It’s easy to use and requires the kids to get progressively quicker with their basic facts recall.

So what do kids think about using the programme? They enjoy trying to beat the clock, become quicker at recalling maths basic facts and find it helpful outside of school too.

Download a PDF copy here. If you’d like a Word copy send me a message and I’ll forward it to you.


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  1. Kyle Gray says:

    Love this…Obviously aimed at year 5+? Did you design this or is there a resource like this for year 1-2? – Just a single dad here looking for tools for at home fun.


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