writingYou’ll be blown away with this piece of writing. In this Geordie’s classroom the kids have been working on blowing away an audience with their writing.

In the following piece of writing you can begin to imagine you are that girl in the prairie.

The girl in the prairie

A young girl stood in the rolling, golden prairie, motionless and staring at four marvellous lions galloping in the distance. Their golden, silky manes  are blowing in the breeze. The girl’s hair is mouse brown and is moving swiftly in the wind. There is silence in the field, not even a squeak of a mouse could be heard. As the breeze passes by, the grass sways from side to side, shining like pure gold and tickling her legs. The lions’ great paws are pounding up and down like a machine in a factory going in action, while their tails are slashing up and down like a cowboys using their sharp whips. Then the lions suddenly disappear as if a magician conjured a trick.

By Laura (year 6)


4 responses »

  1. Alexander.C says:

    oh no i lost my words


  2. Alexander.C says:

    y am i the only one commenting on these things its not like it was a year ago or any thing


  3. Alexander.C says:

    that would be silly


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