Student using Google chat

I’m still setting up the new students in my class with their school Google accounts. One of the great apps that the Google suite has is its chat network. This lets the kids in this Geordie’s classroom send and receive instant messages with their classmates. They can even chat with more than one person at the same time. It’s a great way for students to communicate with each other while working collaboratively on a Google document or slide, or just for a chat while they’re working. I’d be very naive to think that there wouldn’t be any off-topic chat happening. In fact I don’t mind, I’m encouraging it. The way I view it, is that the kids are learning a new skill that I’ll be better able to utilise for their learning when they become experts with its use. I’ll keep you updated with their progress.


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  1. jessica says:

    nice Waikaramihi!!!


  2. Alexander.C says:

    is somethin gonna eat her


  3. Alexander.C says:

    or is she gonna eat something


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