chromeYesterday this Geordie ran a staff professional development session for colleagues introducing the chromebook. Each class has recently received five chromebooks and there was a need to empower my colleagues to be able to:

  • add new accounts
  • sign in
  • sign out
  • browse as a guest
  • remove accounts &
  • shut the chromebook down.

The session was successful with all my colleagues able to complete the above by the end of the session. These were small steps and a basic introduction, but importantly my colleagues can now help their students create accounts so that they can begin exploring these very cool laptops. If you’re interested in how to do the above view my google slides presentation here.



4 responses »

  1. jessica says:

    LOVE IT it really inspires me!!!


  2. Alexander.C says:

    its faster to sign in


  3. Alexander.C says:

    chrome books are so small


  4. Alexander.C says:

    its like a baby hamster


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