Week 4 team card winners, photo by me.

Week 4 TEAM card winners, photo by me.

At our school we are part of a Ministry of Education initiative called Positive Behaviour For Learning (PB4L). It’s aim is to help parents, whānau, teachers, early childhood centres and schools address problem behaviour, improve children’s wellbeing and increase educational achievement. At our school we reward students a TEAM ticket for displaying positive behaviours. Students in my class then deposit these in a class box which are recorded on a school-wide spreadsheet. As an added class incentive, the students are drawn out of the box each week and get to share a bag of lollies. The students have decided to ‘buy’ into this by each paying a $1 each term, or more in some cases. I then purchase the bags of lollies; I then top up the difference in price. The more TEAM tickets you earn during the week, the greater your chance of being drawn. This week’s winners were, Skye, Kieran, Cameryn, Layton, Jessica and Patience.


8 responses »

  1. jessica says:

    You look beautiful Charlotte!!!


  2. karmyn says:

    cam take your hood of don’t want to miss out on the photo cause no one can see your face which is bad


  3. karmyn says:

    wait cam you look like a tiny little ninja


  4. maysen says:

    smile layton


  5. pacey says:

    im a winner


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