Less cuts to learning time – give the students the scissors to look after and use for the year. Photo by Charlotte

Ever found in your classroom that the class scissor numbers keep dropping as the year goes on? Have you found the amount of student learning time being lost increasing because students are waiting to use a pair of scissors? I can certainly answer yes to both questions.

So I’m aiming to overcome both issues. I’m trying something outside the square, or should I say the scissor box. I’ve got a new batch of classroom scissors, and instead of putting them all in the scissor box I’ve given each child a pair and have written their name on them with a marker. I’m sure that the students will take more care looking after them, and if the scissors are misplaced they can more easily find their way back to students.

So if you want less cuts to student learning time, try labeling the class scissors with student’s names and let them be responsible for looking after them.


13 responses »

  1. chae says:

    lol good matthew and mr madge


  2. Waikaramihi says:

    That is a cool pic of mr madge and matthew


  3. Lesley says:

    Look after them kids and keep your desk tidy and they will be easy to find.


  4. Lucy Curran says:

    good idea mr madge [?][?][?]


  5. jessica says:

    Awesome pic charlotte!


  6. Ib Wild says:

    Tu Tangata – totally agree.


  7. maysen says:



  8. chae says:

    good pic Charlotte and looks like your going to cut matthews hand off


  9. chae says:

    poor young matthew


  10. Alexander.C says:

    are going to cut matthew


  11. Alexander.C says:

    Charlotte is a photographer


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