Waikaramihi, her mum, dad and myself – Clive Madge, taking a three way conference selfie.

Yesterday, we had three way conferences at school. Gone are the more traditional parent-teacher interviews when the teacher did most, if not all of the talking. A three way  conference involving the student, their parents and the teacher  are a much more rewarding and informative way for everybody involved to discuss a student’s learning and needs. Thanks to the many parents and students who were able to attend, your effort is much appreciated! We even get to take three way conference selfies.



9 responses »

  1. Layton says:

    Parent interviews were good yesterday.


  2. maysen says:

    come on mm let someone else be the big picture we now how fantastic you are


  3. maysen says:

    man you look like you have had some work on your selfies there MM 😉


  4. chae says:

    man mr madge you must have been busy taking photos hope waiwai likes it


  5. waikaramihi says:

    good selfie mr madge and the conference took 10 minutes, not that long and it was fantastic, mr madge your the bomb


  6. pacey says:

    amazing selfie mm


  7. jessica says:

    Looking good Wai Wai, great pic MM!


  8. ac1034 says:

    YOLO said Wai-Wai


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