My opinionI’m always looking for ways to improve my teaching, so that the students in my room get the best learning opportunities possible. I read the article 6 Traits that Help you Become Successful Teachers. Am I a teacher with these traits? I would like to think so. I would agree with all the  six points shared. In the trait ‘raising the bar’, I’d go so far as further defining that as raising the bar for one’s self as a teacher. This could be described as seeking out opportunities to improving your own pedagogy through for example, professional development and extra study. And raise the bar by taking risks with new ideas, and be innovative. This way everyone in your classroom benefits. What traits do you think make a successful teacher?


4 responses »

  1. maysen says:

    mm you are a true teaching hero


  2. skye says:

    that is swag


  3. chae says:

    this is really going to be helpful mm


  4. jessica says:

    LOVE IT!!! It is awesome thanks MM


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