The library is an essential area for student’s learning. Every Friday we have one of our library sessions. The focus during this time is to allow students to change their reading books and to read. Also, students can manage their learning time and use this period to finish off learning tasks, whether in their books or online. Students are also encouraged to be librarians and are trusted to issue and return library books. There are comfortable areas within the library if you want to be like Alex, the lone reader.


16 responses »

  1. lucy says:

    poor lone reader !


  2. maysen says:

    he seems very happy to me


  3. maysen says:

    thanks mm that was another fun session at the library


  4. karmyn says:

    omg i feel so sad for the lone reader btw you will find someone one day lone reader


  5. karmyn says:

    the boys better be doing there work on the computers


  6. Ib Wild says:

    Looking good Room 12. I like the idea of being a lone reader, especially after a very busy week. Just me and a book sounds like heaven!


  7. cw12552014 says:

    What a happy lone reader


  8. layton says:

    thanks MM


  9. jessica says:

    the lone reader is happy why?


  10. chae says:

    why is the lone lone reader happy? thats just unusual!


  11. chae says:

    no wonder he plays with girls


  12. waikaramihi says:

    awesome pic mr madge and the lone reader seems happy


  13. waikaramihi says:

    the boy sure been working on the computer


  14. pacey says:

    cool alex


  15. ac1034 says:

    hi ho silver reads YEEHAW


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