We’re learning to sing the song, All my loving, by The Beatles. Photo by Tiaria.

This week my class is running the school assembly, and to be different we’re going to sing the school a Beatles song – All my loving. I’m playing the ukulele and the kids are doing the singing. They sound great already, and now want to make a YouTube video – Great!  You can download the ukulele chords here.


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  1. defectivebat says:

    Really cool post. I recently went to a Beatles Tribute concert where they played the White Album. You can check out the article here. Thanks for post.


  2. jessica says:

    awesome pic MM


  3. chae says:

    this is a good pic of us singing all my love hope fully people globe wide like it


  4. chae says:

    theres also a man who said he went to a beatles concert when they played the white album thats really cool


  5. Ib Wild says:

    Can’t wait for Thursday 2pm. Hanging out! Nail biting stuff! AND it’s a free show with no plane tickets involved. Home grown talent has got to be good. Go Room 12.


  6. Good luck for your performance at assembly on Thursday – knock them out! Looking forward to seeing the video.


  7. Waikaramihi says:

    cool pic MM


  8. pacey says:

    nice mm i love that song still have it in my head


  9. jessica says:

    going on YouTube we’ll be famous


  10. ac1034 says:

    It was worth it


  11. ac1034 says:

    even when i made a stupid mistake


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