Brooklyn, Matthew, Ronan and Tama share their inquiry findings.

Brooklyn, Matthew, Ronan and Tama share their inquiry findings.

The students in my class are year 5 & 6 students and as part of our class inquiry learning they are finding out about water and how to be sustainable with it. This has required a lot of research by students. They’ve used SOLO Taxonomy as their framework to pin their work on.

Students have used Google apps to present their work. This has required teaching and learning on how to use the Google apps as well as some online apps like Wordle. The students have done some things very well, but with our class discussions they’ve identified things that they can improve on too.View the student’s presentations by clicking on their names below.

Alex, Kieran & William

Brooklyn, Matthew, Ronan & Tama

Cameryn, Jessica & Tiaria

Chae & Jacob

Charlotte, Matte, Pirita & Skye

Karmyn & Lucy

Layton & Luke

Maysen, Pacey & Waikaramihi


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9 responses »

  1. jessica says:

    our one is awesome MM


  2. chae says:

    this is a funny and good picture mr madge hope they all like it


  3. Ib Wild says:

    I love the front page picture especially as these 3 handsome men were in my class not so long ago. Good to see you smiling and shining out. Well done Room 12. You are doing some awesome things. Love it all.


  4. Mrs Easton says:

    Wow!! What awesome presentations you have all done on ‘Water’ what a great TEAM you all are Room 12.


  5. Waikaramihi says:

    i luv our inquirys they are awesome


  6. pacey says:

    love the inquiry guys #awesome


  7. jessica says:

    Awesome pic MM


  8. hh1094 says:

    I love the water inquiry that everyone shared.
    Great job,It was hard work!


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