As part of our inquiry study into water and sustainability we had a class competition to create art work for our vegetable garden. The students voted on their peer’s designs, and chose Layton, Pacey, Charlotte and Kieran’s designs.

10 responses »

  1. chae says:

    good photos mm but charlotte i didnt know soil could paint


  2. lucy says:

    lookin good guys


  3. Waikaramihi says:

    cool photos guys


  4. pacey says:

    i love our class garden box


  5. jessica says:

    The class garden box is looking good, you guys are awesome!


  6. Charlotte says:

    Chae you are so mean!!! 😦


  7. ac1034 says:

    surprised u can fit in it


  8. ac1034 says:

    considering it now full of dirt


  9. cw12552014 says:

    I bet they would get paint all over them.


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