Continuing to share the weekly activities to help improve student’s writing. Why not use them with your class, download them here.

How do I download the activities? – File>Download As>choose format.

VCOP – Vocabulary – quick activity 4

Professor Punctuation helps us choose the correct and best punctuation to use.

Professor Punctuation helps us choose the correct punctuation to use.

Don’t say “said” say ……

e.g. laugh – A teacher might laugh in class because he’s happy.

cackle       snap          bark

yell           beg           giggle

VCOP – Connectives – quick activity 4

“but” or “so”? Which is the best connective?

It was nearly November 5th…. I made a Guy with my friends.

I love watching fireworks …. The bangs scare me.

The prince reached the castle …. Everybody was asleep.

The prince loved the beautiful princess …. He kissed her.

Write out each sentence again using a different connective?

VCOP – Openers – quick activity 4

What is the most interesting way to finish the sentence?

  • I couldn’t believe my eyes when ….
  • Sleepily ….
  • Finally ….
  • Happily…..


VCOP – Punctuation – quick activity 4

Full stop, question mark or exclamation mark?

Write the following sentences using the correct punctuation.

  • Stop thief
  • That man stole a necklace out of my jewellery shop
  • Will the police catch him

Now write three sentences of your own!


VCOP – Expanding sentences

The man snored


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  1. waikaramihi says:

    that will be easy, thanks for the activities mr madge


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    LOVE the activities so far this so this one will be good! Thanks MM


  3. ac1034 says:

    already finished it


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