FUNtervals - 4 minutes of High Intensity Training

FUNtervals – 4 minutes of High Intensity Training

In my class we’ve embarked on doing FUNtervals. They are high intensity interval type activities that include whole body movements. They are similar in principle to the type of High Intensity Training that athletes do, I use them weekly with the athletes I coach at Kapiti Powerlifting Club. The FUNtervals were designed by Jasmin Ma, and formed part of a study conducted by Dr. Brendon Gurd which examined the effects of an acute bout of brief, high-intensity interval exercise on off-task classroom behaviour in primary school students. I can see the merit in using them so have begun using them in my class.

Why could they help in the primary classroom? The number one barrier to being physically active is TIME. FUNtervals are made up of activities that last no longer than four minutes; can be done in a small space; and require no equipment. The research also found that they help improve behaviour in the classroom too. I’ve aimed to do them two to three times a day. I’ll feedback on how they progress.


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  1. Katrina says:

    What a great idea! Go Room 12.


  2. Tiffaspilla says:

    ooh! looks interesting, never heard of this! so great that kids are getting involved in exercise!! 🙂


  3. hh1094 says:

    You can’t see me in this photo .Good photo M.M


  4. jessica says:

    LOVE the photo MM very cool!


  5. lucy says:

    bit blurry !!!


  6. maysen says:

    can see you perfectly layton


  7. Great photo. You can just feel the energy! Keep it up guys – I am sure you will start feeling the benefits soon.


  8. lucy says:

    you really can see layton clearly can you see me next to him!


  9. ac1034 says:

    I’m just a blur is that how u see me 😦


  10. jessica says:

    love layton’s face!!! Great pic!!!!!!!!


  11. karmyn says:

    layton’s trying to touch the roof but it didn’t work


  12. lucy says:

    i agree karm


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