Lady with long hair #2The third gallery of our art works exploring some art-making conventions & developing visual ideas, in response to a variety of motivations, observation, and imagination.

In the images below we are using various lines and shapes within a design. Our motivation came from the website The Helpful Art Teacher. Take a look at a sample of our art works called the ‘Lady with long hair’. More to follow soon.

Click on an image to enlarge it.



11 responses »

  1. chae says:

    good ones


  2. maysen says:

    those could be i a museum


  3. maysen says:

    i mean in a museum


  4. Beautiful drawings! Do you think she might hook up with the man with the wavy beard?:


  5. jessica says:

    amazing MM they are so cool!!!


  6. lucy says:

    i love them !!1


  7. lucy says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!! i mean not !!1


  8. ac1034 says:

    YAY Mine is on there LOL


  9. william says:

    mine is not that cool


  10. jessica says:

    Yay mine is on there!!!!!! OMG!!!!!


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