We're starting to light the fire for making s'mores, a type of biscuit.

We’re starting to light the fire for making s’mores, a type of biscuit.

In my class we’ve embarked on doing FUNtervals. They are high intensity interval type activities that include whole body movements. They are similar in principle to the type of High Intensity Training that athletes do, I use them weekly with the athletes I coach at Kapiti Powerlifting Club.

Why could they help in the primary/elementary classroom? The number one barrier to being physically active is TIME. FUNtervals are made up of activities that last no longer than four minutes; can be done in a small space; and require no equipment. The research also found that they help improve behaviour in the classroom too. I’ve aimed to do them two to three times a day. I’ll feedback on how they progress.

What do the students think of the FUNtervals?

  • They’re fun – Karmyn
  • Great – Pirita
  • They really get the heart pumping – Alex.

Worth doing? I certainly think so.



18 responses »

  1. lucy says:

    man you look high jess !!!!


  2. maysen says:

    that would definitely get your heart pumped


  3. Awesome! Watch out you don’t hit the ceiling!


  4. jessica says:

    love the pic MM i look like im flying


  5. ac1034 says:

    I’m just a blur is that how u see me 😦


  6. ac1034 says:

    WHY AM I ALWAYS A BLUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. ac1034 says:

    And i’m always orange


  8. ac1034 says:

    Tama is superman


  9. Alexander.C says:

    hey you named the title after my opinion


  10. Alexander.C says:

    u know that’s really nice


  11. william says:

    look at me not that cool


  12. pacey says:



  13. jessica says:

    Right back at you Pacey!!!! Oh and Karmyn you are going so high!!!!!


  14. karmyn says:

    haha very funny jessica you and me are like at the red carpet but were at school and were jumping cause we won 100.000 dollars hahahaha joking


  15. luke says:

    wow i can see you jess so high


  16. lucy says:

    gee jess you really can jump high


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