Tiaria is proud of her participation in the Monsterz softball team

Tiaria is proud of her participation in the Monsterz softball team

Sharing the success and participation of my students outside the classroom. Tiaria writes about her day at her softball club’s player presentations.

Hi my name is Rangitiaria Eru today I’m going to talk to you about my prize giving. On Sunday the 22nd of mach 2015 at Tiatiawha Park in Paraparaumu at 1.00 o’clock first we sat down in our teams and just talked to each other. Then it was time to present the teams medals first up was the under sevens they done well. Then it was the under elevens, then under thirteens, then under fifteens. After we presented the medals we went to the back of the room and had a kai (food) there was heaps of people there and the food didn’t last that long. So I just want to say a big thank you to all the parents and other people in teams and also a thank you to coach Kyle for spending her time taking me to softball games and practises. Also not just the coach also our manager Anne Reece, the second coach when Kyle needed a hand. I really liked how the coach said why we earn our medals, well I earned my medal for being the strongest batter in the team. Well anyway if your reading this you’re awesome!


12 responses »

  1. lucy says:

    Well done T


  2. lucy says:

    Can’t wait for mine !!!!


  3. jessica says:

    lookin’ good Tiaria!!!!!


  4. karmyn says:

    Good looking t oh i wanna win something 😥


  5. luke says:

    were is mine can i have it


  6. matte says:

    good work if you keep playing like that you will get another one


  7. waikaramihi says:

    cool pic


  8. tiariaeru says:

    thank you so much everyone


  9. tiariaeru says:

    your so nice


  10. lucy says:

    you totally deserve it!


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