William gets a bowler's hat-trick!

William gets a bowler’s hat-trick!

In our class we’ve been working on developing our hitting and catching skills in a variety of game types. Today we thought we’d recreate the World Cup Cricket semi-final between New Zealand and South Africa.

We played indoors, using tip and run rules. That is, you hit it the ball, you have to run.

We had an exciting innings, with South Africa batting first and scoring 38 runs. New Zealand took to the ‘field’ and would you believe it, they also scored 38 runs. Tiaria hitting the equalising run. Unlike the World Cup Cricket semi-final which if it was a draw would have been decided on who finished highest in the group stage, we had to play an extra innings.

The second innings started with New Zealand having to bat first, and to ‘bat’ to the chase they scored 27 runs, with Tama being the top scorer with 14 runs.

The second innings for South Africa started disastrously, with William bowling for New Zealand getting a hat-trick. He bowled out the first three batsmen for no runs on the scoreboard. The tension was rising towards the end of the innings and unlike the World Cup Cricket semi-final, Maysen playing for South Africa scored the winning run. South Africa won by one wicket. Layton was the top scorer for South Africa, scoring 10 runs.

Next week, we’ll replay the World Cup Cricket Final, and see if New Zealand can win it there.

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8 responses »

  1. Hayley says:

    That’s so fun.
    Well done south Africa!


  2. luke says:

    looking good there william
    lol so am i in the new zealands team.


  3. jessica says:

    Right back at u Hayley!!!!


  4. jessica says:

    U are totally right Hayley!!!!


  5. waikaramihi says:

    that looks cool


  6. karmyn says:

    im ready to bat hahahahaha im gonna win


  7. lucy says:

    well done you two


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