Water Inquiry

Designing a system to water our plants

The students in my class are year 5 & 6 students and as part of our class inquiry learning they are finding out about water and how to be sustainable with it.

Lucy wrote, we have made another way of watering our vegetable garden at our school without using the towns water and wasting money on water.

In our group we have Me, Skye, Jacob and Matthew. The four of us have different skills in saving water. Matthew is good at running around and getting the materials, Skye is is good at coming up with great ideas, Jacob’s good at making things and I type and take photos. We have made our experiment and it works! We are so happy, and that is all we have to say.

5 responses »

  1. maysen says:

    gr8 work guys


  2. karmyn says:

    I see that you guys have been working hard


  3. maysen says:

    that looks very good


  4. lucy says:

    thhanks u 2!


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