Chae, Hayley, Jessica, Karmyn, Cameryn, Skye & Matte, sharing the power of the TuTangata band.

At our school we are part of a Ministry of Education initiative called Positive Behaviour For Learning (PB4L). It’s aim is to help parents, whānau, teachers, early childhood centres and schools address problem behaviour, improve children’s wellbeing and increase educational achievement. At our school we reward students with a TEAM ticket for displaying positive behaviours. When a student has received 30 TEAM tickets they receive a wrist band. There are five to collect. The first band earned is the red Tu Tangata band. Tu Tangata means, ‘We stand tall, proud and are responsible’.


8 responses »

  1. maysen says:

    u guys are so lucky


  2. Hayley says:

    Yay!It’s me!!!


  3. maysen says:

    i had 29


  4. lucy says:

    I was allmost there, well done guys


  5. hh1094 says:

    I am Tu Tangata


  6. karmyn says:

    Me and jessica are superhero’s


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