I enjoyed the read. I found that a number of the things shared in this article are also relevant to student learning in the primary/elementary school classroom too.

Class Teaching

mindset mainThe image above, or versions of it, are probably commonplace in a number of schools up and down the country – and understandably so.  It makes perfect sense to be focusing our efforts on fostering a growth mindset in our schools – getting students to realise that their intelligence and achievement is not fixed, but can be developed, is important.  Really important.  Recently I read a blog by Nick Rose that made me think about how we’re going about this in schools.  This extract struck a chord:


(Read the whole blog here)

This sparked a conversation with a colleague at work – a non-teacher with a background in psychology.  She spoke about how this idea linked to work being done to support alcoholics.  Whilst they may shift their attitude and see why not drinking alcohol is important, without a toolkit of strategies to change their behaviour and help them…

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  1. maysen says:

    thats cool mm


  2. maysen says:

    but a bit hard to understand


  3. lucy says:

    teach us about that mm


  4. hh1094 says:

    I agree.We are getting there.


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