Spelling tests - Layton is testing Ronan, & Maysen is testing Jessica.

Spelling tests – Layton is testing Ronan, & Maysen is testing Jessica.

Students in my classroom have a weekly spelling test to complete. Students have a set day for their test, as students are on different spelling levels, and it makes it more manageable for students and myself to coordinate and carry out. Students are tested by another peer, who then mark their test. When students pass their test I’ll test them on a few of the words myself as a form of moderation. It works well, giving student testers a sense of responsibility, while having the added benefit of being very manageable for me as the teacher and moderator.


11 responses »

  1. luke says:

    nice it was my spelling day yesterday


  2. karmyn says:

    keep it up guys


  3. waikaramihi says:

    good work guys


  4. karmyn says:

    if you keep on passing then you can get better and better remember practice makes perfect


  5. maysen says:

    so thats what you were doing mm


  6. maysen says:

    guess what that is when i passed


  7. cb10252015 says:

    cool Maysen i was testing you when you passed!


  8. lucy says:

    keep it up


  9. hh1094 says:

    Good job for those which passed and you can do it for those that didn’t.


  10. karmyn says:

    They should take a spare book and a spelling list and then practice practice practice with your caregiver at home


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