How much water do girls use each day?

How much water do girls use each day?

As part of this term’s student inquiry into learning about water, one of the tasks is to identify how much water a student uses in a week. Maysen, Jessica and Hayley, discovered that on average how much water they used in their house. Interestingly, they each use very much the same – between 400-423 litres. However, Matte uses more than all of them, he must like his showers.


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  1. Hayley says:

    That is not true! Us girls are cleaner than him (sorry Matte)

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  2. maysen says:

    your right bought that hay hay


  3. maysen says:

    i have a shower every day thank you very much Mr Madge


  4. cb10252015 says:

    I use more than they do Mr Madge!


  5. lucy says:

    wow jess, you use alot of water!


  6. lucy says:

    i like the title mm


  7. karmyn says:

    wow jess im surprised


  8. karmyn says:

    they did hayley first because she use’s the lowest water out of her family then maysen cause she use’s more amount of water then there’s jess using all her water.


  9. cameryn says:

    that sure right kk


  10. karmyn says:

    i take showers every day


  11. hh1094 says:

    I use the most in my family….Unlike Laura


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