Waikaramihi, Jessica, Alex, Karmyn, Maysen and Lucy have a lot to say - and the teacher's happy!

The Magnificent Seven – Waikaramihi, Jessica, Alex, Karmyn, Maysen and Lucy have a lot to say, and this makes the teacher happy!

Yes I know, The Magnificent Seven title might lead older readers to think I’m going to write about Wild West and gunslingers; but not today.

I went through the statistics for my website today to see who the top seven student comment contributors are from my class. The top contributor so far is Alex, who has made over a hundred comments. Each student received a TEAM ticket for their contributions to our learning.


16 responses »

  1. Katrina says:

    I like it! Wow Alex go you and of course the rest of the magnificent seven!


  2. karmyn says:

    We are the best


  3. karmyn says:

    i think we need a pat on the back


  4. maysen says:

    your mum is right Alex you know


  5. maysen says:

    thanks mm we could not have done it without all the computer time you give us


  6. maysen says:

    and all the cool things we do to comment about


  7. cb10252015 says:

    we look cool as the magnificent seven!!!


  8. cb10252015 says:

    thumbs up everyone


  9. cb10252015 says:

    Alex looking all smart!


  10. lucy says:

    we look mighty fine as top commenters, we should stay like this!


  11. hh1094 says:

    Well done.I hope I will be there soon!


  12. karmyn says:

    i wanna be there for the rest of the term so i get more famous


  13. cw12552014 says:

    i hope i can be there next term


  14. lucy.c says:

    We still look mighty fine even though this was last year and the fact that I moved


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