Reading during the holidays for leisure and pleasure

Reading during the holidays for leisure and pleasure

We are in the last week of term one and the end of term holidays are upon us. Is it time to do nothing for students? Not in my room! I hope I gave an inspiring Winston Churchill like speech on being the best, and the best work harder than the rest. To be the best is about beating themselves, taking their own learning further than it’s been before (sounds a bit like a line that should be in Star Trek).

I decided to give the students in my class the option of choosing to read school journals during the holidays. They could either say yes or no to doing so, I wouldn’t take offense either way. Afterall, holidays are holidays. I could see the apprehension in their faces, but then I said that they could choose the journals that might interest them to read. To my delight, every student said that they’d like too. Five school journals were chosen that are appropriate to their reading level and interests. We’re aiming for reading mileage, and the development of reading for pleasure and interest.

So don’t be surprised when you see your child with their head in a school book. Rather, sit down with them and engage together in the pleasure that reading with your child brings. Help them be their best, by beating themselves!


11 responses »

  1. maysen says:

    already read 2 almost done mm


  2. maysen says:

    do you always do that when you are supposed to be reading


  3. cb10252015 says:

    I’m not up Mr Madge! Where am i?


  4. cb10252015 says:

    William what are you doing?


  5. lucy says:

    wow you are being crazy
    oh and don’t we all look good togther


  6. karmyn says:

    I wish if we do that again


  7. karmyn says:

    Willam are you cheating omg you are such a cheater. lol


  8. karmyn says:

    some people got left out cause they were somewhere


  9. hh1094 says:

    We are good readers but are going to improve.


  10. karmyn says:

    we look good there is some scary faces in there im not looking at you alex


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