Victoria Vocabulary

Victoria Vocabulary, helps you to find better words to improve your writing.

Today we’ve started term 2 and here are the weekly VCOP activities to help improve student’s writing. Why not use them with your class, download them here.

How do I download the activities? – File>Download As>choose format.

VCOP – Vocabulary – quick activity 6

Don’t say “said” say ……

Who might speak in this way? When? Why?

screech    moan         squeak

prattle     squawk      cheer


VCOP – Connectives – quick activity 6

“but” or “so”? Which is the best connective?

I flew my rocket up into space …. I didn’t have enough fuel to go to Jupiter.

I saw an alien … I asked if he wanted to be my friend.

Spiders spin webs ….  they can catch flies.

Spiders webs look delicate … they are made out of a very strong material.

Write out each sentence again using a different connective?


VCOP – Openers – quick activity 6

What is the most interesting way to finish each sentence?

  • I grabbed my ….
  • Nervously ….
  • Carefully ….
  • In rushed ….


VCOP – Punctuation – quick activity 6

Full stop, question mark or exclamation mark?

Write the following sentences using the correct punctuation.

  • Help
  • I’m sure I saw a ghost
  • Do you think it was a real ghost

Now write three sentences of your own!


VCOP – Expanding sentences

The girl watched


4 responses »

  1. karmyn says:

    we can get better and better if we use these in our writing


  2. karmyn says:

    We try our best at what we do with our rainbow words were we put them and were we think they will fit in


  3. Hayley says:

    If we work hard it will be easy(it already is)


  4. waikaramihi says:

    we will do for our writing


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