Building equivalent fraction

Building equivalent fractions with Mr Madge

In Mathematics we are learning to build equivalent fractions. First impressions when the class seen the tasks were, that it looked hard. We soon discovered that by knowing our times tables and being able to count on by a given number that learning to build equivalent fractions was in fact very easy, and not so scary. I found a very good website called Mental Arithmetic that produces worksheets, view it here, they are free.


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  1. karmyn says:

    Well me and my group are on to it mr madge was saying that if group 2 can only do 2 sheets if they have finished then they can move on to the 3rd sheet


  2. karmyn says:

    Its quite cool fractions


  3. Didn’t I take that photo? Nice going guys!


  4. hh1094 says:

    I think I took that photo, well done ( I have learned a lot!


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