Incredible Opener

The Incredible Opener helps you use better sentence openers to engage your readers.

Here are VCOP activities #7 to help improve student’s writing. Why not use them with your class, download them here.

How do I download the activities? – File>Download As>choose format.

VCOP – Vocabulary – quick activity 6

Don’t say “said” say ……

Replace “said” with a better word:

“Oh no, not more homework,” said the children.

“Wow! A new bike!” said George.

“I’m going to turn you into a frog,” said the witch.

“I’ve lost my mummy,” said the little girl.


VCOP – Connectives – quick activity 6

“before” or “because”? Which is the best connective?

Mum was cross …. I broke her favourite vase.

Mum shouted at me … she sent me to my room.

I did all my work …. I had a choosing time.

My teacher said I could play …. I had finished all my work.

Now add a different connective to each sentence?


VCOP – Openers – quick activity 6

What is the most interesting way to finish each sentence?

  • Quickly …
  • To my great surprise …
  • I will never forget the day that …
  • Spookily …


VCOP – Punctuation – quick activity 6

Full stop, question mark or exclamation mark?

Write the following sentences using the correct punctuation.

  • What a fierce shark
  • He’s swimming somewhere over there
  • Is he going to gobble up those fish

Now write three sentences of your own!

VCOP – Expanding sentences

The frog leapt


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  1. Ib Wild says:

    This is great stuff Clive. Thanks for sharing.


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