LWZ Big Write 1In our class we regularly do a BIG WRITE, using a writing prompt to start our writing. Here’s Skye’s writing, using the picture as his prompt.

One peaceful afternoon the little baby and its mum were walking through the open park. Then out of nowhere a big dinosaur showed up, oh no said the mum, gaga said the baby, the mum pushed the baby out of the way. Bam with a bite the very big dinosaur ate her. Gogo gaga said the baby. The baby ran, it ran as fast as it could, but the sad thing was that the baby was crying and screaming at the same time it was running. He stopped to take a breath, he had no way of escaping, so he looked at the beast closed his eyes. Well the big beast ate him up too. How did he escape, he flew to heaven to be free and be with his beautiful mum and his family from the past.



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