Captain Connective helps writers

Captain Connective helps writers

Continuing to share the weekly activities to help improve student’s writing. Why not use them with your class, download them here.

How do I download the activities? – File>Download As>choose format.

VCOP – Vocabulary – quick activity 8

Don’t say “said” say ……

Replace “said” with a better word:

“Can I stay up late tonight?” said Anna.

“Stop this noise at once!” said the teacher.

“This is delicious grass,” said the cow.

“Now I’m going to make this watch disappear,” said the magician.


VCOP – Connectives – quick activity 8

“before” or “because”? Which is the best connective?

I bought a present for my brother …. It’s his birthday.

I wrapped the present … I wrote his card.

My dog likes going for walks … he’s full of energy.

My dog chased his ball … he looked for other dogs to play with.


Now add a different connective to each sentence?

VCOP – Openers – quick activity 8

What is the most interesting way to finish the sentence?

  • Bravely ….
  • To my amazement ….
  • Much later ….
  • Only last week …

VCOP – Punctuation – quick activity 8

Full stop, question mark or exclamation mark?

Write the following sentences using the correct punctuation.

  • Father Christmas clambered down the chimney
  • He’s stuck
  • Will he be able to get out

Now write three sentences of your own!

VCOP – Expanding sentences

The humming started



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