Our class assessment data indicates that we require more learning in the area of place value. So today we Image result for place value table tens of thousandsplayed a game called ‘Place Value Thousands’. The purpose of this activity is to help children read and order 6 digit numbers. Students drew up a place value table (right). I used an online number generator which chose at random numbers from 1-9. After each number was generated students had to put it in the place value chart. The student with the highest number after six numbers were generated was the winner. To create a different exercise, we played the game so that students had to try and create the smallest number.

I’d expect each student to then:

  • be able to tell me what each digit within a number represents. For example, in the number 342365, the 6 tells you how many tens are in the number and the 5 tells you how many ones are in the number.
  • Be able to read 6 digit numbers accurately.
  • Be able to place 6 digit numbers in order, from smallest to largest and vice versa.

2 responses »

  1. maysen says:

    i love this game


  2. maysen says:

    i could not say the hundred thousands at first


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