BigWriteLadybirdIn our class we regularly do a BIG WRITE, using a writing prompt to start our writing. Here’s Waikaramihi’s (10 years old) writing, using the picture as his prompt.

The ladybird’s big adventure

Strolling through the peaceful garden is a little ladybird looking for something cosy to sleep on. Soon after she found it, it was a soft, comfy dandelion. The next morning the tiny ladybird noticed that she was floating in the windy air. As she was floating in the windy air she could see the whole city of London, England. As her adventure continues… she was floating through the puffy white clouds, ZOOM! she goes, she’s in Paris. When she landed, she was strolling through the city she climbed up the tall Eiffel tower and it was amazing. After that she wanted to go back to her ladybird family because she missed them so much, she leapt back on the comfy dandelion and… flew off. As she was floating, something big and black coming towards her, there was a storm and as it came she was out control SWISH! SWOOSH!, she can’t hold on much longer. And then she jumped off and she was buried underground. She dug and dug herself out, FEW! she went, she was alive, but could not find her family.


3 responses »

  1. Hayley says:

    Poor ladybird


  2. skye says:

    great story **


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