BigWriteLadybirdIn our class we regularly do a BIG WRITE, using a writing prompt to start our writing. Here’s Pacey’s (10 years old) writing, using the picture as his prompt.

Today is the day

On one sunny day as I drifted away through the soft, blue sky. I had spotted a dandelion. What am I? I have black spots all over and a red body. Do you know what I am? Yes i’m a ladybird. As soon as I left my home to go hunt some food. But as it hit my eye I saw a beautiful dandelion, I had to have a look. As soon as I flew to it I had hooked myself onto the big, beautiful dandelion. As the wind had gotten strong the roots had ripped themself out of the soil. I was panicking “Ahh.” I had nearly hit the swampy pond. Soon the wind once again pushed the dandelion so I could reach land. I had crashed into a thorn bush but didn’t get hurt. I had landed into a pile of food for me to eat too.


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  1. Great story. Love the photo! I wonder whether the ladybug thought the dandelion was an umbrella? Easy mistake to make…


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