We use an online writing tool called Easttle to help assess student’s writing. Students are given a writing prompt, in this case, the whisper, and some guidelines of what to include in their writing. They are allowed forty minutes to complete the written piece. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing some of their pieces. We have a range of writing skills and abilities to share with you. I’ve left them unedited by me, so that you get a true sense of each student’s writing. Firstly, Cameryn’s (aged 10) piece.

The ghost
One beautiful afternoon a mother and daughter moved into a house. It was a very old house from the 1980s. A few days later when they got comfortable in their new house they were starting to hear these noises. For a second the mum thought it was the wind that was making all the racket. When the daughter went into the attic she saw a doll lying on the ground, she picked it up and showed it to her mum was watching tv, and then again the mum heard the same noise again and this time the mum knew it wasn’t the wind. The mother was feeling quiet scared so she went to bed as well. In the morning she went into the kitchen her daughter was eating breakfast. When the mum was making herself some breakfast she heard a whisper right behind her. She sent her daughter to school so the mum had the house to herself. The mum went up stairs for a rest then she heard another whisper on the other side of her bed. So then today she went to see the paranormal activity people to come and check her house. they came in her house and they were sensing bad things that had happened in this house. They were going to do something about it. When the paranormal people came in the ghost hid and left forever. The guys said the house was clear because the ghost might of left the house forever. When the daughter got back home from school she was wondering why there was people at her house. They’re here to clear the ghost from the house forever.

The end


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