Tama, Brooklyn and Matte share their writing about Batman.

Tama, Brooklyn and Matte share their writing about Batman.

This year for reading activities within my class, we have been using a resource called StoryBytes, by Hilton Ayrey. With each weekly activity, there is a task that requires students to identify the story structure. This week’s StoryByte is, Batman. One of the activities requires students to write a paragraph about what adventures Batman would be doing this evening.


Setting the scene so far… Batman was becoming tired of his late night adventures. He was putting on weight and would prefer to stay at home watching TV. Tonight the bat signal lit up the sky, unable to find the keys to the Bat Car, he had to use his Bat Bicycle. What adventure awaited him? Matte, Brooklyn and Tama share their thoughts…

What adventures will Batman have for us this evening?

In the deserted park Batman had a fight with an evil villain. POW, BANG, POP, CRASH, people were saying who won, who won, who won the fight? After the the fight people were wondering if it was Batman but no it was is his enemy Fatman. Next day Batman realised it was Fatman his big brother. They were brothers until Fatman stole Batman’s girlfriend. Then they made up and they are  brothers now (but Fatman was still a villain.) THE END.  By Tama

The Dark Knight

Batman silently wondered into the dark streets of Gotham city to take down some evil villains. Batman found an evil villain alright he found the dreadful Joker. Batman ran to save the people the Joker had kept a hostages. When Batman released the hostages he ran to fight the dreadful Joker. The dreadful Joker had set some horrible traps for batman. The Joker ran away to trick the one and only Dark Knight Batman. Batman sprinted straight into the Joker’s traps not knowing he had set them. Batman fell into a never ending hole of doom but luckily he had his grappling hook and was able to get out of the never ending hole of doom. POW! CRASH! the Joker tripped on one of his own traps, POW! Batman punched the Joker in the face and the Joker tried to break free but Batman’s grip was too strong so the Joker used a stink bomb to escape Batman. The Joker started running for his life but Batman was too fast for the Joker…  The end

By Matte

The Lazy Batman

But he was not fit because he was not eating healthy food and not doing exercise. So he will not be able to get in the bat car. He is the lazy batman but then he wanted to be not fat at all. So he started to eat healthy food and doing exercise. Then he could run faster and get in the bat car so batman can catch bad guys now. THE END

By Brooklyn


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  1. Matte says:

    Good work tama and Brooklyn


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