Captain Connective helps writers

Captain Connective helps writers

Continuing to share the weekly activities to help improve student’s writing. Why not use them with your class, download them here.

How do I download the activities? – File>Download As>choose format.

VCOP – Vocabulary – quick activity 10

“No, you can’t have any chocolate,” said Mum.

“This is a brilliant party!“ said Amy.

“Dadda… Dadda, “ said the baby.

“That’s a really funny joke,” said Ben.


VCOP – Connectives – quick activity 10

“before” or “because”? Which is the best connective?

The pirate dug a big hole … he hid his treasure.

The pirate didn’t want anybody to find his treasure … they might steal it.

I had to promise mum that I’d get up for school in the morning …. She would let me stay up late.

I’m really tired today … I stayed up too late last night.

VCOP – Openers – quick activity 10

What is the most interesting way to finish the sentence?

  • Astonishingly ….
  • With a flourish ….
  • Just in the nick of time …
  • The door slammed …

VCOP – Punctuation – quick activity 10

Full stop, question mark or exclamation mark?

Write the following sentences using the correct punctuation.

  • I’m going to fly to space
  • Do you want to come with me
  • 5,4,3,2,1, Blast off

VCOP – Expanding sentences

I saw it



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  1. hh1094 says:

    On my last one. Expanding sentences 🙂


  2. jaquar says:

    this is fun


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