We’re still getting some students who are not completing their homework. A reminder of the types of school work you should be seeing at home.

Learning with ZEAL

homework The dog ate my homework Mr Madge!

I’ve been asked recently by a couple of parents if my child gets any homework. I referred them to this post, and thought it would be timely to post again.

“I don’t have any homework,” claimed the child to their parent. “I’ll ask your teacher,” replies the parent. Sound familiar? In my room you should be expecting to see a variety of school work coming home during the term.

Parents should see the following each week day:

  • Basic facts sheets (quick-fire maths questions, takes about five minutes a night)
  • Spelling words to practise (these are the words your child is currently learning, takes about 10 mins)
  • Studyladder activities (online activities to support your child’s learning, takes about 10 mins).

Parents may see class work that hasn’t been finished during the week, for example:

  • Reading activities
  • Maths exercises
  • Writing
  • Topic work.

You could always ask…

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  1. I will be chasing Miss Bullen up tonight! 🙂


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