Simon Calcinai from the Kapiti Coast District Council visited us again today to talk to us about about the recycling process.

We wanted to know what Simon’s role is with the Kapiti Coast District Council. So we asked him, Simon said, “My role is to help Kāpiti residents and businesses to reduce their waste-to-landfill and conserve resources. On a practical level this involves carrying out waste audits/assessments, writing articles, producing education material, organising or delivering workshops and supporting or running waste-related awareness and behaviour change campaigns. I am also responsible for delivering our Zero Waste Education programme to Kāpiti schools and administering grants for waste reduction projects.

The ‘Services’ part of my job title refers to work I do monitoring waste collectors and operators in the district and maintaining Council assets. The Solid Waste Manager is ultimately accountable for these tasks, but I help her as required.

After four years in the role, I will be leaving Kāpiti in mid-September. My partner currently lives in Australia and it’s time to do something together! This will most likely involve travelling by bike/boat to see what else is happening sustainability-wise around the world.

Our new Waste Minimisation Officer, Katharina Kennedy, will start at the beginning of September.”

We in room 12 and the rest of Kapiti School will be sad to see Simon go, but thank him for his contributions and wish him well for his travels. We look forward to meeting and learning with Katharina.


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  1. Hayley says:

    I think this was the first day.

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  2. karmyn says:

    Lol i think i was one half way through it but i just don’t know


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