Sukoku puzzle for beginners.

Sukoku puzzle for beginners.

I’ve introduced  Sudoku puzzles in my class after reading several research papers that generally conclude that kids who started doing Sudoku puzzles reported improvements in memory, attention span, lateral thinking, tolerance for frustration, math class grades and problem solving skills. Who wouldn’t want those benefits as a teacher? We’re starting with easy Sudoku, so that we understand how they work. Feedback from students in room 12, was that they are cool.


3 responses »

  1. Alexander.C says:

    It was really fun and easy for a start


  2. Matte says:

    Everyone always remember maths Is easy
    Don’t think maths is hard otherwise you will never get is right and you will always fail if
    You think it is hard but if you think its easy you will get it right


  3. Kieran says:

    Mind work!!!!!!
    Matte nice attitude


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