LWZ Big Write 1In our class we regularly do a BIG WRITE, using a writing prompt to start our writing. Here’s Alex’s (11 years old) writing, using the picture as his prompt.


Bad reputation for Smith Street Park

As I get out of my of my cosy Space ship themed bed, I see my crippled blue curtains. I slightly open them, then quickly I close them as my green eyes take in the bright sunlight.

I quietly walked over to my brown wooden dresser. As I slowly take out my warm clothes for today I quietly stroll down the creaky stairs. I smelt something nice in the air, I quickly jogged to the kitchen bench. I sat down licking my lips. My Mum swerved round with a plate stacked with large pancakes and a dollop of golden sticky maple syrup. I gave a slight smirk  she smirked back “why?” I asked. “Why not,” she answered in a peaceful voice. “No, I mean why the pancakes you only make them if we’re going to a special place,” she stuttered she knew I was right. “Fine you got me we’re going to the park to see a concert,”.” You never told this to me why?” “Because I wanted it to be a delightful surprise,” I slowly munch away at my pancakes. Then I walk upstairs into my room and get dressed.

Later that day…

I’m in the back of the silver mazda as we pull up to Smith Street Park. The very moment I step into park grounds I have a bad feeling. My stomachs turning and my heads aching. I have a small jog down the gravel track and then I come to a strange part of the park that I had never seen before. Out of the blue I heard a thump grunt and roar? Next I see these big yellow teeth green beady eyes I can smell a whole lot of stink I know what it is but how? There was no time to question I had to run fast or else! I did a quick swerve towards the other direction. I was sprinting like my life depended on it which it did! It felt like I was the world’s fastest man faster thanUsain Bolt. All i could feel next was gooey sticky saliva my time had ended.


3 responses »

  1. kieran says:

    run for your life


  2. Jessica says:

    I really like this story! Good writing Alex!


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