I felt quite humbled that students in my class nominated myself for New Zealand’s most inspiring teacher award. The recognition from students in my class is a great award too. Let’s see how we go. If I’ve inspired your child, why not give me a vote.

This is what was written on my nomination –

Mr Madge should win because he is the best! He makes learning simple and fun. When we impress him he will post our work on our class website that he made in his spare time called ‘Learning With Zeal’ https://learningwithzeal.com/ . I would describe him as athletic, funny, intelligent and much more! He cracks in a joke here and there always to put a smile on our faces. If he really isn’t the best teacher then who is? That’s right nobody but the awesome Mr Madge! He is updated with everything; everyone in our class has their own Gmail which he made for us. He rewards us when we are good but if we make a mistake that doesn’t matter isn’t that what learning is for? I love to give him quizzes to test his knowledge… I can assure you he normally gets them all correct. The only reason he is so smart is because he works for it, he studies until he understands and never gives up. You may know him as a successful weightlifter breaking records, winning titles and earning medals.

That’s why he should win!

My most inspiring teacher shows the qualities of Enthusiasm, Creativity, Dedication and Drive and is in to win over $40,000 in prizes!

2 responses »

  1. Maysen says:

    Good luck MM😃😊😉😄☺

    Even though I know your gonna win 😁😉


  2. Jess10252015 says:

    This is really cool Hayley go MM!


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