Everyone in class has areas of expertise. Today, the best readers in the class had the task of assisting others to further understand their reading tasks. Their are six members of the top reading group, Maysen, Chae, Alex, Jessica, Hayley and Kieran. They’re working in pairs assigned to the other three reading groups. This week we looked at texts about aliens produced by Storybytes. The students followed the same format that is used when I teach. Each group had a powerpoint to work through, so that students could share their understanding of what is being read. What did the students think of this new way of doing our reading activities?

Tama – “It’s a really cool way, as kids are teaching other kids and that’s really cool.”

Layton – “It was easier, because in a smaller group you would get a chance to speak more often.”

Jacob – “It speeds up the process.”


2 responses »

  1. Anita says:

    Nice. Good leadership skills being taught, good role models too.


  2. Alexander.C says:

    I like being Mini Madge


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