The galloping dog

The galloping dog

In our class we regularly do a BIG WRITE, using a writing prompt to start our writing. We aim to write quickly, using the skills we are developing through the use of rainbow writing and our VCOP exercises. I found this prompt on Pinterest. I look forward to see what the children write for this. I’ll share some student examples when they’re ready.

As for now, here’s my attempt.

Toilet roll run

The animal known as the Giant, Galloping Beast, was the last thing I expected to encounter at the Pak ‘N’ Save supermarket. I’d mistakenly walked down the frozen chickens aisle, while looking for toilet rolls. And to my horror I met eye to eye with the Beast. The first word that came out of my mouth was one I wasn’t expecting, “Sit!” I commanded. I think it maybe didn’t understand English, as it continued standing. Huge, slimy globules of saliva dripped from its mouth, splashing on the shop floor like raindrops in a wild monsoon. The Beast barked, a deep, gutteral bark. Maybe it was trying to speak back to me. It started a slow gallop towards me, I turned and ran. I now understood what it was saying, “lunch!”


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