Milky Way GalaxyAs part of the Mathematics studies, I was asked to contemplate the fate of the universe. The focus of my current studies is measurement. One of my tasks was to read this article and discuss the fate of the universe. I concluded that I can’t begin to comprehend the ultimate fate of the universe. Imagine, 20 million galaxies, plus over three million quasars, in 14,000 square degrees of the northern sky mapped. I’d like to think that even Doctor Who, still has a lot of travelling to do given these stats.

Just the concept of Earth being in a solar system, that is part of the Milky Way galaxy is hard to comprehend. It’s suggested that the Milky Way has a diameter of approximately 100,000–120,000 light years, and about 200–400 billion stars! We’re a grain of sand in a very large desert.


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