Get Wise with money.

Get Wise with money.

Today, we had Vanepale Sopoaga from ASB visit us to talk about how to earn and save money.

Vaneplae introduced students to ‘P.T.’ (himself) , a no-nonsense Personal Trainer with only one goal in mind, whipping students into action to become lean, mean, and financially fit ‘Cashletes’, ready to take on the myriad events of the inaugural Money Games! Tackling the issues of spending, P.T. wasted no time in getting the students to practise understanding the different forms of money and where it comes from before sending them on an assault course of earning with the dreaded ‘Chore-athon’, and the value of patience and smart-thinking with the ‘Shop Around’ challenge.

The concepts covered included:

Where money comes from.
Debit cards.
Earning money through chores or pocket money.
How to save through spending.
Comparative shopping.


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