The summer holidays finish today and a new school year begins tomorrow. I look forward to welcoming my new class. Did you know that we will be learning Spanish this year? Lets’s see who can greet their teacher in Spanish tomorrow morning. View the video below to give yourself a head start.


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  1. Travis says:

    I like to learn to speak Spanish


  2. aroura says:

    I love doing Spanish with you Mr Madge


  3. Reblogged this on Learning with ZEAL and commented:

    Buenos dias. Today, the students from room 7 are starting to learn Spanish with me.


  4. kui11029 says:

    miss smith should learn how to dance like paco’s teacher


  5. Karmyn says:

    Yea and when he asked me something i Said HI and now he is making fun of me lol but tbh it was funny


  6. Karmyn says:

    It was still fun though


  7. Jaden Tieng says:

    spanish is super awesome


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