Otira shows his medal.

Otira shows his medal.

Otira, wrote of his X race experience:

I won a medal for participating in the X race. We had to run and get these different type of cards. Some, my niece were holding, in the deep part of the sea, on a platform.
Then we had to have a sack race. Me and my sister hopped in and jumped. At halfway, the adult can hop out and the child can hop to the end.
Also we had to play the chinese game of Jianzi.
Then we had to make paper planes. Mine had to go 5 meters and adults paper planes had to go 20.
After that we had an obstacle course. It was fun and i fell out of the igloo and grazed my knee.
Next we had to do a dance. The music was uptown funk and it was a easy, funny, dance.
Following that, we had to run to the finish line and i got the medal.
Some of my family volunteered to help because the usual volunteers didn’t show up. So since they helped, we get free entry next year!!!


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  1. Anita says:

    Nice work – well done 🙂


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