Star wars

In our class we have been using prompts to help us be creative in our writing. It has involved each writing group creating a writing plan. The plan has included:

  • Possible titles
  • Four paragraphs, that include headings, and three or four sentence ideas.
  • WOW words – possible words to enhance the writer’s writing.

Each student is expected to follow the plan for their written piece.

Below is Kahu’s piece (unedited by the teacher).

The Outrageous Attack

The War Begins!!!!
In the old damp room soon as the two Jedi masters meet face to face for the last time soon after that they drew their deadly light sabers as the bright green/red light sabers lighten the entire room.As fast as possible they started clinging their light sabers against each others.

Mean While…..

The storm troopers outside bringing in the back up for more attack/defence. One by one groups of storm-troopers collide one of another.

The Army’s Attack
When the hot blazing sun flew by, the rebels and the storm troopers started forming up.They started shooting the rebel soldiers dropped dead.As each ends started pushing forward soon as you know it the armies collided over each other. In an blink of an eye the tie-fighters flew by like a jaguar chasing its prey.
The Assassination
Soon after that the rebel group sneaked in the destructive death star hacking into their security systems shutting down their force fields.When they found their target they felt intrigued also nervous,scared .Soon as the rebel group drawn there blasters PHEW! When he dropped dead there task/Mission was finished they dumped the body somewhere that the storm troopers won’t find him out of space.

The Retreat
In the dark night the storm troopers emerged, it looked like they were retreating as the rebels stood there. They cheered on for their victory soon as the storm troopers understood defeat.


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